Streaming or


When using store-and-forward, the audio (music and commercials), also initially is stored on a server. However, the audio is downloaded by the player from the server well-ahead of time. Also a playlist is downloaded from the server, which is a list of tracks to be played. The audio and the playlist are stored on the player for later use. When the player starts, it plays the tracks in the playlist, retrieving the audio from the internal storage.
In the Lisa series in-store audio players, an SD card can be placed in the player. The Lisa can be instructed to automatically download the music and playlist(s) and start playing at a predefined time. Sophisticated functions to manage the contents on the card, like pre-loading, auto-cleanup, keep-on-card, are available.

Comparing streaming and store-and-forward

There is no silver bullet, no single approach that is the best choice for all situations. Local conditions, such as network availability and quality, and legislation may influence the choice. The general advantages of streaming and store-and-forward help in making a choice:

Advantages of streaming

  • Setting up a stream is relatively easy
  • Changing the stream on the fly is possible
  • The time at which certain music or a commercial is played, can be determined exactly

Advantages of store-and-forward

  • The music is less dependent on the quality and bandwidth of the internet connection of the stores
  • During store opening times the internet connection is 100% available for mission critical uses, e.g., the cash register

Choosing or combining?

Streaming and Store-and-Forward have complementing features. It is possible to make a combination of streaming and store-and-forward, depending on the specific situation. Please contact us if you want to learn more about that.