Meet Streamit at ISE 2016

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For the seventhyear in a row, Streamit will be represented at the ISE to introduce you to our in-store audio solutions. As an exhibitor, we can offer you a FREE registration for the ISE. We are very happy to be there and are looking forward to meet you.

You can find us at booth 8-D340

Click here for free registration for the ISE using invitation code: 703924

Streamit in-store audio. Brings the music to your customers!


In-store internet radio and streaming audio. This is Streamit’s DNA!  Streamit supplies state-of-the-art music solutions for your organisation. Do you work in retail? Or hospitality and catering? Are you an audio provider, consultant or installer? If so, you should read more about the solutions that Streamit can offer you!

Play music or broadcast commercials in all your branches?

… and would you like full control of your internal audio system? Then look no further than Streamit. We are your experienced and reliable partner, providing a comprehensive range of solutions and services for a complete audio concept. Thanks to our accessible and affordable streaming audio players, managed audio is an attractive solution also for your organisation.

Our approach

From retail environments to hospitality and leisure, Streamit’s expertise knows no limits. From a solitary flagship store to an 1000+ branch chain…and everything in between!

Your question is our starting point. Are you looking to create the best possible atmosphere in your outlets? Are you curious to find out what possibilities there are to add audio to your point-of-sale campaign? Or do you have another question that can be answered perfectly using audio? We are always happy to help you to get expert advice and provide you with an affordable streaming audio solution.


Streamit supplies more than only hardware (the ‘streaming audio players’). We ensure a complete audio management concept. Of course, we help you select the right options for you.


The Streamit solutions enable you to communicate your targeted message to the exact place where the purchase decision is made. We will assist you in selecting the optimal roll-out strategy.


Proven streaming audio technology. Enabling optimum integration with existing and new networks. Easy to fit into standard racks. With the technical and practical support you rightly expect from the market leader.


Get the best out of your Streamit media player with the right content – matching the user’s strategy and proposition. Then use Streamit’s tools to monitor the running operation.

Who is Streamit

Streamit, founded in 2003, is a Dutch company specialized in the development of hardware devices and software platforms for streaming (in-store) audio and video.

This includes streaming/player equipment, (hosted) audio distribution platforms and complete solutions for audio and video streaming over the internet.

It is Streamit’s mission to provide customers with practical, simple, reliable and affordable solutions for internet media:

  • Practical: Appropriate for the customer and their way of working

  • Simple: Easy to use for the end-user

  • Reliable: Customer can rely on the fact that the solution works, every time

  • Affordable: Healthy balance between value and price

We Help You !

In-store Hardware

Hardware solutions from Streamit: streaming audio players such as Lisa Compact and Lisa LCD. And SAS220: the affordable streaming Audio encoder.

In-store Software

Manage your complete in store audio solution with the click of a mouse. With Streamit’s Device portal and Audio Distribution Platform.

In-store Music

Get the best out of your Streamit media player with Sonic Branding. The right content – matching the user’s strategy and proposition. We link you to the experts.


Streamit’s complete audio management concept. A total proposition with the expert support for optimal implementation

Our clients

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