Streamit in-store audio. Brings the music to your customers.

Looking to create the best possible atmosphere in your outlets? Are you curious to find out what possibilities there are to add audio to your point-of-sale campaign? We are always happy to help you with expert advice and providing a perfect streaming audio solution. Your question is our starting point.

Streamit supplies easy to use, reliable and affordable streaming audio solutions for your organisation. Do you work in retail, hospitality or catering? Are you an audio provider, consultant or installer? We have the suitable solution for you!

Can’t find the right solution for you? We can help!

We can create a custom solution that meets your company’s needs, by matching your requirements with our expertise on audio and video streaming.

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Streamit provides reliable, practical, easy to use and affordable streaming audio players. Click here to read more.


Using Streamit’s platforms you can easily manage, configure, schedule and monitor your complete in-store audio solution. Click here to learn more about our webbased platforms.


Get the best out of your Streamit streaming audio players with sonic branding. We will bring you in contact with our partners who can deliver the best music for your organisation. Click here for more information.


Streamit’s complete audio management concept. An integral custom proposition with expert support for optimal implementation. Contact us for more information.

Innovation. Technology. Solution.

Streamit is a Dutch company specialized in audio and video streaming since 2003. By innovating on technology, Streamit provides reliable, practical, simple and affordable streaming audio/video solutions. These solutions include audio and video streaming devices, players and distribution platform.

The functionality of Streamit’s products and services is optimized for your way of working. They are easy to use, control and configure. You can rely on the fact that the solution works, everytime. Therefore, you know you get great value for your money.

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