Next-generation audio streaming

The SAS310 is our latest professional audio encoder/streamer. It enables you to easily stream live events such as meetings, conferences, church services, etc. over the internet.

The SAS310 is ideal for organisations that want to be present online with a high-quality audio stream. Such as clubs, schools, universities, local radio stations, conference centers and churches.

Use the SAS310 for live streaming using it’s built-in streaming server or external streaming server, such as Icecast or Shoutcast. Besides live streaming, the SAS310 enables local recording with over 1000 hour* audio storage capacity.

The SAS310 is an excellent and reliable network device. It automatically recovers after power or network failures. And it is easy to configure and monitor. It gives clear status information on the streaming process.

  • Next-generation audio streamer/encoder
  • Live streaming and local recording
  • Remote configuration through built-in web interface
  • Suitable for clubs, universities, radio stations, churches, etc.
  • High audio quality at a low bit rate
  • Easy configuration and monitoring
  • Streaming to Icecast and Shoutcast
  • Suitable for integration with AMX
  • Suitable for connecting to Kerkdienstgemist and other platforms

* at a bit rate of 24 kbps