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Streamit in-store audio. Brings the music to your customers.

You know how important music is to create the right atmosphere in shops, restaurants, hotels, etc. Thanks to Streamit’s 3 P’s; Players, Platforms & Partners, you have a perfect audio solution to create the best atmosphere for you and your customers.


Streamit’s flagship product for professional in-store audio and hospitality is the Lisa. This internet audio player is developed in-house and can be used for streaming as well as store-and-forward. It delivers targeted music and advertisements for music providers and retailers.

High-quality and cost-effective players with a proven track record of thousands of players in the field.

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With Streamit’s in-store audio platforms Device Portal and Audio Distribution Platform, you have one place to manage all individual players (one or thousands, anywhere in the world). With a click of the mouse, you control which content goes where.

These web-based platforms allow you to manage and monitor streams, players, playlists, commercials, content encryptions and schedules.

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You can’t get the best out of your Lisa player without the right content matching the company’s strategy or proposition.

Streamit works with renowned companies in this field, such as curators and in store audio providers. We can help you find the right partner for you. They will develop a content strategy for you (with custom music and in-store advertising) and roll it out professionally.

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