From now on we will keep you even more up to date with publishing the release notes for the Streamit Lisa Player software on our website. 

[V1.36 + V.1.38] — (15/16 September 2016)

What is new in this release [V1.36] ?

  • Fixed: Device would power off if stopping a stream due to executing an announcement task was taking too long.

  • Fixed: With no presets and no SD card preset, the Lisa could enter a state that was not always handled correctly.

  • Fixed: If the Lisa was playing from card due to the fact that no presets were available (yet), a power cycle would cause the Lisa to play from card and not switch to streaming in case presets became available.

  • New: Added support for the newer/faster Transcend MLC cards.

  • New: Added option to have the Lisa output the same (down-sampled) audio signal on both channels (Forced Mono). A setting in the Lisa now makes it possible to force the Lisa to output audio in mono. The left and right channels data get mixed together and the result (down-sampled) is made available on both RCA connectors.

  • Improved: Major throughput increase for Store and Forward applications, especially from servers employing TCP mechanisms like Slow Start and Nagle’s algorithm.

  • Improved: Increased the filename length support for card content to 128 characters.

  • Improved: Increased the maximum length of scrolling metadata/title to 128 characters.

  • Improved: Increased the URL length where required tracks can be downloaded from to 256 characters.

  • Improved: Increased the TTL for DHCP broadcast packets

  • Improved: Changed the X-headers used in combination with mixed source mode and content update (starting with ‘X-SIR-‘ and ‘X-LISA-‘).

The update is available on our software update server and can also be downloaded from the Streamit website (

For any questions about this release please contact us preferably via the support site or email address