In search for an in-store audio solution, you might be considering a streaming solution. Using streaming you can distribute your audio streams to any device on any location in the world.

Want to distribute your existing audio streams? Do you need create your streaming solution from A to Z?  We can help!

Distribute your streams

Streamit enables you to easily distribute your streams. Use your streaming server and our Device portal and Lisa audio player(s).

With a Device portal Basic subscription you can configure the Lisa players. Get a Device portal Extended subscription for monitoring.

Streaming solution from A to Z.

All you need are music tracks, Lisa audio player(s) and a license to use our Audio Distribution Platform (ADP).

With our Audio Distribution Platform, you can create streams and playlists. Add commercials and schedule playout to devices anywhere in the world. Ensuring your message reaches your audience.

  • Completes your solution
  • Suitable for commercials
  • Exact music and commercial scheduling
  • Device portal can be combined with your own streaming platform
  • Time saving configuration
  • Close to plug & play