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Soundreef and Streamit team up!

Soundreef and Streamit are pleased to announce that the Streamit audio players are fit for Soundreef’s in-store audio streams. Both the Lisa LCD and Lisa Compact are suitable for the distribution of Soundreef’s audio streams and can be set up immediately for businesses and in-store providers around the world.

Enjoy the best royalty pre-cleared music available in the world today, running on the most reliable professional player that seamlessly works with in-store radio providers.

The latest and hottest music from new and up-and-coming music artists around the world will allow you to provide a tailor-made music experience for your customers adapting to your business and needs.

How to get this great solution?
Contact Streamit for the audio distribution solution and select the type of music that suits you best at Soundreef.

About Soundreef
Soundreef ltd licenses businesses to play its members’ music in stores and live events in over 20 countries. As well as granting licenses to use music, it gathers and distributes royalties on behalf of authors and publishers, providing an alternative to traditional copyright collection societies. Soundreef ltd is an Independent Management Entity (IME as for the EU Directive 2014/26/EU) recognized by the UK Intellectual Property Office that competes with national Collective Management Organizations (CMOs) such as SGAE, GEMA, SIAE and SACEM. The company administers over 150,000 songs throughout the world to provide music for tens of thousands of business users.

Why choose Soundreef?

Top quality music. We pay our publishers, labels and authors fairly and transparently, this allows us to attract the best content and frequently update our catalogue

The music is selected and catalogued. We pre-select the our music and do not include songs with poor production, not suitable for in-store broadcast or with explicit lyrics

It’s convenient. We can make you and your clients save money

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About Streamit
Streamit is a Dutch company specialized in audio and video streaming since 2003. By innovating on technology, Streamit provides reliable, practical, simple and affordable streaming audio/video solutions. These solutions include audio and video streaming devices, players and distribution platforms.

The functionality of Streamit’s solutions and services is optimized for your way of working. Easy to use, control and configure. You can rely on the fact that our solution works, every time.

Get to know how we can serve you at

Contact: Paul Haex, Sales Manager