Integrate Lisa IP audio players in your own platform

There may be situations where Streamit platforms are not suitable for you. You may find that you need to integrate Lisa players with your own platform.

Although rare, we certainly know how to support you with this. We are happy to help you use the same API that we use to integrate Lisa in our platforms.

Several customers before you have successfully integrated Lisa devices seamlessly into their own platform, using the well-documented API and Streamit’s professional support.

If you wish to integrate Lisa devices with your own platform, an agreement is set up between you and Streamit. This agreement brings clarity on what can be expected, in order to assure a fruitful and efficient collaboration. This way we can guarantee professional support.

In addition to the regular support (available free of charge), support for Streamit devices with custom platforms includes the following:

  • Up-to-date technical documentation

  • Clarification of technical documentation and interfacing between devices and platforms

  • Support of the previous release for some time after a new release, to enable you to adapt your platform to new version

  • Information about new features and changes affecting the platform in advance of actual release

  • Support in the analysis of logging created by your platform

Please contact us to learn more about using the API to integrate Lisa IP audio players in your own platform.

  • Well-documented API
  • Professional support
  • The same API that Streamit uses