Claudio: the in-store audio platform of choice

Claudio = Ease of Device Portal + Core functionality of Audio Distribution Platform (ADP) + more…

Claudio offers precisely those features and functions that in-store audio providers need to accomplish their mission, getting music, commercials and announcements at the right location.

Claudio is built on Device portal and will replace both Device portal and the Audio Distribution Platform (ADP). You can already experience a flavor of Claudio today. Let us know what you need and we will get you up and running.

Powerful, yet simple. Claudio is an expert tool that has all you need, but still is simple to use. That is the promise of Claudio.

  • Powerful yet simple
  • Excellent support
  • Suitable for in-store audio providers and retail chains
  • Content management (music, playlists, commercials)*

  • Device configuration (as on Device Portal)

  • Streams and and store-and-forward management**

  • Stream planning with commercials and announcements (as on ADP)

  • Collect and report music and commercials playback statistics

  • Real-time communication with Lisa devices (check status, send commands)


* Playlist creation is not a planned feature

** An integrated streaming server is not a planned feature