Audio Distribution Platform

The Audio Distribution Platform is the tool of choice for organisations that need a platform for professional in-store audio and IP radio.

Planning, organising, branding, implementing and distribution of music, commercials and announcements. That is what Streamit’s Audio Distribution Platform offers those who are professionally involved with the content of in-store audio.

From a single stream to targeted music with relevant commercials with pinpoint accuracy to individual outlets, the Audio Distribution Platform lets you do it, monitor it and relax.

You do run into questions? Streamit staff is there to quickly and efficiently assist you with all your questions.

The Audio Distribution Platform is web-based and excellently documented. Running on dedicated servers, the uptime is unrivalled.

  • Professional platform for internet audio and Streamit player management
  • Running on dedicated servers
  • Suitable for in-store audio providers and music distributors
  • Set up Store-and-Forward to download music and playlists to the player
  • Generate streams from scheduled playlists
  • Use Streamit’s dedicated servers or host it yourself
  • Manage and monitor streams, playlists, commercials, content encryption, schedules and playout locations
  • Configure, monitor and control connected players remotely