Player and stream management platforms

Manage your complete audio solution with a click of the mouse. That’s the philosophy underpinning Streamit’s Device portal and Audio Distribution Platform. This easy-to-use, fully in-house developed online solution enables you to manage all individual devices and your entire audio streaming yourself.

Do you have a new commercial that you would like to broadcast at your point(s) of sale? Or would you like to adjust your playlists to suit a certain situation? Or change the playlists at individual branches on the SD cards and update them? These are just a few of the options available.

All Streamit platforms run on our dedicated servers and largely in the cloud. This makes the quality and reliability of our service unrivaled. Should any interruptions occur, we will be able to respond immediately to guarantee maximum uptime.

We are so confident of our quality that we are happy to set out our service and quality standards in our general terms and conditions. This also covers operational matters, such as response times, service levels, etc.

  • Complete solutions to manage devices and playlists
  • Running on dedicated servers and largely in the cloud
  • Easy-to-operate Device portal to manage your players
  • Audio Distribution Platform for extensive playlists and streaming
  • Claudio for the complete and easy cloud-based solution

Show/hide detailed table for platform selection

Feature Device Portal + webserver ADP Device Portal + streaming server Device Portal + SAM Vibe
Device configuration Device Portal ADP Device Portal Device Portal
Location of music library Webserver [1] ADP Computer SAM Vibe
Devices get the music from Webserver [1] ADP Streaming server [2] SAM Vibe
Music stream generation Playlist [3] Playlist [3] Broadcast software [4] SAM Vibe
Live broadcasting no no yes yes
Advanced commercial planning no yes depends on broadcast software limited
Scheduling of commercials per playout location no yes no no
Backup playlist on SD card
(can be updated)
yes yes option [5] option [5]
Crossfading no no yes yes
Track encryption option option limited [6] limited [6]


[1] Separate, external HTTP webserver

[2] Separate.external streaming server, e.g., Icecast or SHOUTCast

[3] Must be created with separate tools or manually

[4] E.g., SAM Broadcaster. This always requires 24/7 computer and internet connection

[5] Requires separate webserver

[6] Only possible for backup playlist