Partners for music

In order to get the best out of your Streamit audio solution you need the right audio content matching your company’s strategy. That is why Streamit works together with renowned companies in the in store audio branche, such as curators and in store audio providers. They will develop a content strategy for your company (with custom music and in store advertising) and roll it out professionally.

The in store audio providers that Streamit works with are located around the globe. Whether you want royalty free or commercial music. We can help you find the right partner for you.


If you represent a retail store, supermarket, hotel, restaurant or any other business in need of background music, contact us. We will help you find an in-store audio provider that understands and enhances your business.

Optimum interaction with and knowledge of the Streamit players and services are guaranteed.

In store audio provider

Do you represent an in store audio provider who, just like Streamit, has the ambition to get the best out of the market, its employees and customers? Then contact Streamit!

We are happy to show you how Streamit’s solution of professional players and player management platforms benefits your business.