Lisa Compact

Full functionality at a very accessible level. That is Lisa Compact in a nutshell. There is no end to its functionalities. Use Lisa Compact for MP3, AAC, AAC+ or Ogg Vorbis content. Leverage the unique power of Streamit and use the SD card to play a completely off-line playlist.

A unique aspect of the Streamit solution is the unrivalled standard 1.5MB buffer capacity that guarantees operational reliability, even if there are hiccups in the connection. This creates a solution that is unique in the market; a streaming audio player that offers the optimum combination of affordability and reliability. Lisa works fully autonomously: if a power failure occurs, the system restarts and reconnects to the network fully automatically.

Lisa Compact can be managed through the Streamit Portal. This means optimum central control.

  • Next generation of professional internet audio player
  • Affordable and versatile
  • Perfect for centrally controlled audio solutions
  • Suitable for retail shops, -chains, restaurants, bars, etc.
  • Very compact design
  • Excellent streaming reliability due to large audio buffer
  • Store-and-forward by means of integrated SD card storage
  • Automatic reconnect after power failure
  • Remote configuration, monitoring and software update
  • Supports many different roll-out scenarios
  • Advanced Task Scheduler
  • Encryption support