Streamit in-store audio

You know how important music is to create the right atmosphere. In your store, restaurant, hotel, your venue or chain.

Streamit works with renowned companies in this field and can help you find the right partner. They develop a content strategy for you (with custom music and in-store advertising) and roll it out professionally.

From up-tempo to candlelight music, everything is possible.

The right player…

A professional in-store radio solution requires excellent player on site. After all, you would not want the staff to be bothered with keeping the music playing.

Streamit offers professional in-store audio players just for this purpose. It is our flagship product for retail and hospitality.

Clear and transparent player management is offered through our platforms. This puts you in control and enables you to respond quickly to any given situation.

Together with our partners we can take care of your entire audio communications: from point-of-purchase commercials to remote management.

  • A complete concept for in-store music, internet radio and commercials
  • Affordable and easy-to-use streaming audio players
  • Player management platforms for transparent monitoring and control