Healthy food with a signature sound

Can you imagine eating a restaurant’s signature dish without its signature sound? No? Neither can we. Streamit’s in-store audio solution is suitable for distinctive music experience in restaurants. Let me tell you more.

Let’s take a look at Itsu, a British fast food chain with over 60 locations all across the United Kingdom. In order to stream the right music to each restaurant, Itsu reached out to Auracle Sound to provide them with the best solution: A setup of Lisa audio players managed by Streamit’s Device Portal.

“Auracle have been fantastic from the start, their install was seamless, they have a great selection of music and saved us money on our existing service.” – Itsu

Why don’t you set up a solution like this? You can do this as well and thereby provide your customers with the best experience possible. Check out the pages about the Lisa players and Device Portal for more information.

About Auracle Sound
Auracle Sound is an in-store audio provider with locations in the United Kingdom and Germany and has several big clients around the globe. The Auracle Sound service delivers the freshest background music using the latest internet technology.

About itsu
itsu is a British health food chain and grocery company owned by Julian Metcalfe. In 1997 the first itsu food shop opened in Chelsea in 1997. Nowadays, itsu has over 60 food shops, 3 restaurants itsu [dining] and its own grocery company itsu [grocery].