Restaurant Flammen & Free Store Music

Since 2009 Danish Restaurant Flammen has opened 11 restaurants all over Denmark. All of the restaurant’s values originate from Fole Hoekerkro, the family-owned inn, where a large grill buffet with food from good raw ingredients was served and with the vision that all guests must be satisfied.

To create a perfect soundtrack for a unique dining experience at Flammen restaurants, our In-Store Audio partner Free Store Music (Denmark) created an unique collaboration offering their customers  great value in choice of music and costs. For Flammen restaurants, Free Store Music provided the installation and license free music at each restaurant using Streamit’s Device Portal and Lisa Compact network players for streaming and music playout at each location.

About Flammen

Restaurant Flammen is a Danish, family-owned restaurant chain with 11 restaurants in Denmark. Restaurant Flammen comes originally from South Jutland, where the idea for the restaurant came about in 1996. The idea for the concept began almost accidentally at the family-owned inn, Fole Hoekerkro.

About Free Store Music

Free Store Music offers a wide range of musical genres, from pop music to soul and from rock music to jazz and world music. They provide over 170 genres from which you can pick the music you want. Whether you work in retail, hospitality or leisure, Free Store Music will always create an atmosphere that suits your company. Free Store Music offers one of the world largest royalty-included curated music catalogs/playlist licensing service and commercial background music service.