Streamit Company Profile

Streamit, founded in 2003, is a Dutch company specialized in the development and marketing of software solutions and hardware devices for streaming audio and video.

This includes players, encoders, (cloud-based) audio platforms and complete solutions for audio and video streaming over the internet.pand-langendijk

Our solutions are applied in several markets:

  • Retail and hospitality: Background music in shops, hotels, cafés, and similar venues, centrally configurable, tailored to each location

  • Churches: Broadcast, watch and listen to church services with church radio or church TV

  • AV installations: Background and mood music in companies, offices, workplaces, and many more

It is Streamit’s mission to provide customers with practical, simple, reliable and affordable solutions for internet media:

  • Practical: Appropriate for the customer and their way of working

  • Simple: Easy to use for the end-user

  • Reliable: Customer can rely on the fact that the solution works, every time

  • Affordable: Healthy balance between value and price

Collaboration: Cooperation is highly valued by Streamit. We do not only integrate and couple our solutions to other systems by the use of open standards. We also look for cooperation in sharing and combining knowledge. We have built a strong network of partners in various markets. In close cooperation with our partners, we are able to advise customers about complete solutions, and to implement complete solutions. This way of working has given us a unique leading position in the market, a position that we would like to further develop in the coming years with an enthusiastic team of staff, customers, suppliers and partners.