Music scheduling

Creating the right music program is the core added value of in-store audio providers. You want to use that tool, that suits you best. You may already have a tool that works for you. That is the reason that music scheduling, or playlist creation, is not part of the Streamit solution.

The output of the music scheduling software that you use, is the input for the Streamit player/playout management platform.

Streamit’s platforms accept playlists as input, in the PLS format. For testing purposes the Streamit Card & Scheduler toolkit is available, this enables you to create simple playlists.

For day to day operations, you should use (or keep using) the tool of choice for you, that matches your way of working, the organisation of your music collection, your needs regarding rotation and other scheduling requirements.

If you do not have a tool yet, there is sufficient choice in good quality music scheduling software, ranging from simple to very advanced. Without making recommendations, the table below lists of some music scheduling tools that we have come across.

Name URL Compatible PLS output
MusicMaster With correct configuration
StationPlaylist With correct configuration
Powergold Requires converter (contact the vendor)
mAirList Requires converter (see below)
SAM Vibe Requires converter (see below)
nextKast Requires manual editing

A simple M3U to PLS converter is available for download (‘as is’, without warranty or support).