Meet me, Claudio, at the ISE

Claudio is the in-store audio platform of choice. Powerful, yet simple. By framing core functionality in a seasoned user interface, Streamit announces Claudio: The in-store audio portal that provides all the functionality you really need, while keeping it simple. Old wine with a new label? By no means.

It is easy to add feature after function, trying to be complete. Claudio does not try to be complete, but only complete and fit for a purpose. It offers precisely those features and functions that in-store audio providers need to accomplish their mission, getting the right music, commercials and announcements at the right location. To select the right set of features requires expertise. Streamit has developed this expertise as market leader in in-store audio solutions, being active in this market for many years.

Claudio enables you to manage the content (music, commercials, messages), plan the content, and manage the player devices.

Powerful, yet simple. Claudio is an expert tool, but does not require study to use it. Building on the proven Device portal user interface, every effort is made to keep it simple for the user. Even if this makes it technically more difficult. And the user interface keeps being improved by listening to our clients, like we have always done.

A complete platform that has all you need, not more, and that is still simple to use. That is the promise of Claudio.