Streamit is the first in in-store audio to fully embrace the trend to more security

Where the green address bar becomes the standard on the internet, Streamit is the first to acknowledge and fully embrace this trend in in-store audio. Streamit’s Lisa players support secure HTTPS connections, for all connections on all versions of the player, out of the box.

Increasingly in-store audio finds itself in a network environment that is highly secure. Firewalls are open only for standard secure ports and there are no exceptions to the rule. On the forefront of this trend the Lisa player now supports secure HTTPS connections for all data: Configuration, streams, monitoring and control.

Using the default port 443 and true HTTPS encryption, the Lisa is at home in even the most secure network of your most demanding customer. Out of the box and with no additional hassle or fee. This underlines Streamit’s commitment to continually improve and deliver better solutions to our clients.

Feel free to contact Streamit support ( if you have any questions.