ccc-ctick-smallLisa for China & Australia

In-store audio players from Streamit are being sold and used worldwide. Streamit is happy to announce that their in-store audio player, the Lisa LCD is now CCC certified and can therefore be legally sold in China. The Lisa LCD has gotten the C-tick mark and is now allowed to be sold in Australia.The CCC certificate is required for a wide range of manufactured products before they can be exported to or sold in the China market. CCC stands for China Compulsory Certification. The Streamit Lisa LCD in-store audio players officially have the CCC certification.

C-tick indicates a device’€™s compliance with applicable Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) technical standards.

For projects in China there will be stock of the Lisa LCD available in our warehouse in Hong Kong. These units are marked with CCC stickers. It is possible to drop-ship the units from Hong Kong. The advantages for you are less transportation costs, less paperwork, less import duties and other possible problems. Furthermore the players also come with a Chinese power adapter. Streamit also offers FOB shipping for Hong Kong.

For further details and conditions please contact us.