Important Device portal update

The following changes/improvements have been released:

• Devices can be grouped. To make a group, it is no longer required to create a Device portal user account and use it as a ‘make-shift group’. The use of device groups is limited to master accounts.
• Status information (red, yellow, green) is summarized per device group.
• Multiple accounts can be created for a device group (each user their own account). This is also true for master accounts. Multiple, fully equivalent master accounts can be created, the user can do this themselves.
• Accounts can be restricted to read-only access. This is possible for regular as well as master accounts.

To give an example of the power of the combination of these new options:

* It is possible to create a read-only master account that can see all devices that are visible to the normal master account, in all device groups. However, they cannot make any changes.
* Users can be given a read-only account for their own devices.
* Two master accounts can be created, each person in the organization having their own login.
* Devices can be grouped per streaming server, other ‘groupings’ being organized through the description field.

For more information you can read the manual.