Golden Tulip

Upscale 5-star hotel Golden Tulip Farah in Casablanca was looking for a custom music service that creates the right ambiance rich in class and culture for its exclusive clientèle. With the help of Streamit internet radio’s the custom music is delivered to several specific areas of the hotel.

Golden Tulip Farah is a luxurious 5-star hotel located in the heart of Casablanca, Morocco. They were crowned Golden Tulip hotel of the year in 2010. In order to enhance the rich ambiance of their hotel, Golden Tulip Farah was looking for a fitting custom music service. In Couture Media, a custom audio branding company from Montreal Canada, they found the right partner.

Couture Media created 5 custom channels each unique to specific areas of the hotel. So is there a channel for the public area with sophisticated yet welcoming current lounge music and for the Brasserie, with French classics from 50s-70s. The custom music channels are streamed over the internet to the several areas of the hotel. The SIR120 internet radio from Streamit is installed in each area and picks up the custom channel to play-out the music and provide the desired ambiance.

The Streamit SIR120 is a fully autonomous working IP-audio receiver, able to tune into internet radio stations or audio streams from background music providers. In addition to playing streams, the SIR120 can be used for store & forward, using a memory card for local storage. The music is downloaded to the memory card overnight ensuring playback even when the internet is not available.

About Couture Media
Couture Media a full service production company with a small group of radio professionals from Montreal, Canada who use their knowledge and passion for music to develop a custom, strategic soundtrack for brands or place of business. Couture Media was founded in 2008 and developed as an alternative to generic satellite music services. Couture Media work closely with world-re-known researchers to understand what it is that people like about music in order to develop music playlists.

About Golden Tulip Farah
Located in the heart of Casablanca, The Golden Tulip Farah Casablanca Hotel is well known for the quality of its service and the high level of comfort. In 2010 Golden Tulip Farah was selected as Golden Tulip Hotel of the year.