Streamit Device portal:

great control – centralised and easy

Imagine this: you are responsible for a multinational 60-outlet retail organisation and would like to provide country-specific audio to every single outlet. Or you have a hotel with a large number of public areas, each of which requires its own audio atmosphere. Then it is good to know that this platform can be managed with only a click of the mouse.

Streamit’s Device portal is a powerful web-based solution. An online tool that allows you to manage all your Streamit devices perfectly. Considerable attention has been paid to the user interface, aiming to provide you with a straightforward experience and ease of use, so that managing your devices becomes a piece of cake!

There are two subscription plans for Device portal:


Basic Extended

Device configuration

x x

Task scheduling

x x


Visit Streamit Device portal
  • Professional platform to manage, monitor and control Streamit audio players
  • Fully cloud-based
  • Suitable for in-store audio providers, music distributors, and retail chains
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Manage device configuration: Settings, presets, etc.
  • Control device actions at scheduled times
    (e.g., power up, play a stream, play a store-and-forward playlist)
  • Monitor if the device is still connected and always know what it does